Turn Your Ticket Into A Pass

  • location
    Available at guest services
  • information
    Guest specific/non-transferable
  • details
    Limited to one ticket

Getting a season pass at The Summit at Snoqualmie is the absolute best value when it comes to skiing and snowboarding all winter, but sometimes it just makes sense to buy a ticket first. Thankfully, here at The Summit you can turn that day, night, or afternoon ticket into a season pass!

  • The price you paid for the ticket is discounted from the season pass of your choice.
  • Valid on tickets purchased at the window or online.
  • Can be applied to purchase of any Summit season pass, including Nordic.

After you're done skiing or riding for the day, simply visit one of our guest services locations and ask to turn your lift ticket into a season pass. We'll apply the purchase price of your ticket to the pass of your choice. It's that easy!


Important Information

  • Season pass purchase must be for the guest for which the lift ticket was purchased.
  • Tickets and ticket value toward a season pass are non-transferable.
  • Season pass must be purchased at guest services.
  • Offer only valid for tickets purchases within the season pass sale period. 
  • Ticket must still be attached to your jacket or pants to redeem offer if ticket was purchased at the window.