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Hovland Snowskates will be holding a series of free public demos on various Wednesday nights and Saturdays this season. Come check out some all-mountain snowskates and surf the mountain! You can find the demo tent by The Yurt at Summit Central and in the plaza at Alpental when the location switches later in the season. Demo duration will vary depending on weather and crowd size. On Wednesdays, demos will run until 9pm. On weekends, demos will run until 4pm.

Liability waivers are required for all ages. Those ages 18 & under will need a parent guardian signature to participate in the snowskate demos. 

Free Event, 7 Dates

  • Central
    Sunday, April 7
  • Alpental
    Saturday, April 13
  • Alpental
    Sunday, April 14
  • Alpental
    Sunday, April 21


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Liability Release

Signed Liability Release Required For All Ages