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Pass sales are expected to go live this afternoon. We are resolving an issue with our payment plan system and hope to have passes on sale soon. Thank you for your patience. 


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Home ForeverProject
Home ForeverProject

THE SUMMIT AT SNOQUALMIE is committed to building a sustainable tomorrow through mindful efficiency, tireless conservation, and innovative collaboration. We strive to become the best place to work and play in Washington for generations to come by protecting the environment and community we love.

Net Zero By 2030

The Summit at Snoqualmie and Boyne Resorts are committed to reducing our emissions to net zero by 2030. This is an ambitious and challenging goal, but we know it's essential to ensuring our vision of future generations forever enjoying this incredible place we call home.


Summit Sustainability Pillars

Carbon Footprint


GHG Emissions

With help from Sustainable Business Consulting, we aim to reach net zero by 2030 through focused revision of resort operating tactics, purchase of more efficient equipment & systems, collaboration with suppliers, and purchase of Renewable Energy Credits.

Water Use


Water Consumption

Through partnership with local and regional agencies, installing efficient devices, and educating guests we are striving to reduce consumption and protect PNW waters.

Energy Use


Energy Use

From installing more efficient equipment, devices, and systems to reduce consumption, to working with energy partners to purchase renewable energy and audit our facilities for inefficiencies - we're committing to reduction and renewables.

Waste Management

REACH 100%

Recycling & Composting

Through a mountain-wide recycling initiative and all-new composting program, we aim to put a serious dent in our contribution to local landfills. Open to the community, our recycling center makes it easy for locals to reduce landfill waste.

Sustainable Business Consulting Partnership

ForeverProject is just that, it's not something that happens overnight. Developing our roadmap, changing how we see our business, and making real impactful changes can't be done alone. Along this never-ending road, we'll reach milestones, but never truly reach a destinition. We have partnered with the professionals at Sustainable Business Consulting (SBC) to help us build a roadmap for change through careful analysis of our business and culture. SBC is currently taking a comprehensive inventory of our Greenhouse Gas Emissions, the first step in evaluating our business and and developing objectives that support our net zero goal.


Joining The Challenge

  • Our Pledge
    The Summit has joined the challenge to evaluate our footprint, gain knowledge, and take action.
  • GHG Inventory
    Calculating our Greenhouse Gas Emissions is the first step toward neutralizing our carbon footprint.
    Incorporating sustainability into all aspects of our resort is essential for improvement.
  • Education
    Leading by example, educating employees and guests about sustainability and how they can help.
  • Collaboration
    Placing collaboration over competition, we seek to elevate our efforts by sharing knowledge and tactics.

Led by National Ski Areas Association (NSAA), Climate Challenge is a voluntary program dedicated to helping participating ski areas target and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, engage in advocacy on climate change solutions, and reap other benefits in their operations, such as reducing costs for energy use.

Partners In Sustainability

Collaboration is key. We work with a variety of companies and stakeholders to promote sustainable practices at The Summit and in our community.