Lesson FAQ


Lesson Program Questions

  • A lesson program (or Consecutive Week Lesson) allows a student to pre-register for a set number of weeks of group lessons (usually 4, 6 or 8) at the same time, same place and generally with the same instructors and students. Consecutive week lesson students meet at the numbered signs within the Summit SnowSports School meeting areas at Summit West, Summit Central and Alpental. Lessons DO NOT meet at rental shops.

    Lesson programs do not include lift access (tickets or passes) or equipment unless otherwise noted.

    Lesson programs require pre-registration. Just be sure to check the posted roster each week to see if your instructors changed your class assignment.

    Lesson programs are also known as multi-week lessons.

  • We do not guarantee lesson group sizes.

    However, we make every effort to maintain group sizes in line with industry norms.

    Every participant comes with a different set of needs and instructors have varying levels of certification. We do what we can to ensure that there is a good fit between the group and instructor to help create the best learning experience possible. From time to time this can mean that you may be in a larger than average group, or smaller.

  • Participants are assigned to groups according to their ability level and age based on the information we receive from the registration forms.

    • Please ensure that the information you have provided us, especially about your child, is as accurate as possible so that we have the best chance of a good fit from day one. 
    • It is normal for groups to be rearranged during the first couple of weeks of programs. We try our best to limit switching groups, but it is not always avoidable.  
    • A participant's assigned group number may be found each week on a posted list in the program's meeting area. This group number corresponds with a numbered sign where the participant will meet their coach at the start of each session.  
    • Please check each participant's class assignment prior to meeting the coach each week.
    • You may request to be in the same group as a friend of the same discipline, age and ability level by filling out the "Please put me in the same group with" section of the registration form. We will try to accommodate reasonable requests; however there is no guarantee that you will be in a group with someone you requested.
  • We will communicate with lesson program participants via:

    • Direct email to the email address provided to us in the participant's profile - please ensure you have provided a valid email address in the profile and that you check regularly.
    • The SnowSports hotline - 425.434.6789
    • Our blog and website alerts

    Please be sure to check these communication channels for updates prior to coming up to the mountain. Remember to always check the WSDOT road report for Snoqualmie Pass before leaving home.

  • Join The Waitlist

    NOTE: you can simultaneously register for a different program, date or time while you are on the waitlist for your first choice. For example, if you would like sign up for a Saturday program but it is waitlisted then you can ask for that to be your first choice, register for Sunday as your second choice. If a place comes available on Saturday then we will put you in, if not, then you are committed to Sunday.

  • Different programs and situations determine how our coaches are distributed. For the most part we try to maintain consistency throughout the program; however, we do not guarantee that you will have the same coach each week.

    Also, certain programs are designed so that the participants and coaches will change regularly throughout the season.

  • The Summit SnowSports School fills each program on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    • If a program has reached capacity, registration for that program will be closed.
    • Participants wishing to register for a closed program will be placed on a waiting list.
    • Additional participants will be placed into the program from the waiting list as space becomes available.

General Lesson Questions

  • No.

    Sleds are not allowed anywhere on the premises due to safety concerns.

  • No.

    • Half day kids lessons do not include lunch, but do include refreshments on breaks.
    • Consecutive Week Programs do not include lunch. Remember to provide a bag lunch for Alpentykes at Alpental.
    • First Class beginner lesson participants may pre-purchase a box lunch that will be ready for them when they break for lunch.
  • No.

    However, there are plenty of lesson opportunities for children 3 and up. Expose them early to our beautiful mountain environment and the joy of snowsports!

  • You or your child should dress in layers and you should be sure to label all your child's clothing. Be prepared for changes in the weather! Warm, dry clothing for the ride home is also a good idea!

    Clothing checklist:

    • Warm waterproof pants or bibs.
    • Warm waterproof jacket.
    • Long (to upper calf), thermal or wool socks
    • Long underwear
    • Turtle neck (poly/cotton blend)
    • Sweater (wool or fleece)
    • Wool or fleece hat.
    • Gloves or mittens (mittens are warmer) - 2 pair in case one goes missing
    • Rain gear
    • Goggles (make sure that they fit or sunglasses
    • Sunscreen /lip balm

    NOTICE: Wearing all these items on a warmer day may cause extreme overheating...use your judgement to decide what is too hot to wear.

  • You cannot participate in the First Class program if you can already ride the chair and are able to link turns.

    The First Class beginner package at Summit West is for first time beginner skiers and snowboarders only. If you have some experience on the slopes already, try our Triple Play Lesson Package at Summit Central, a multi-week lesson program, or private lessons.

  • Yes.

    Three year olds can participate in Alpentykes multi-week lesson. Please be aware, Alpentykes fills up extremely fast. If your child did not get into Alpentykes, we recommend private lessons.

  • If you are using your own equipment, please make sure that it is all in good working condition before arriving for your first session at the mountain. It is a parental responsibility to make sure a child's equipment fits properly and to determine the equipment is in proper working order. Practice putting the equipment on your child at home so your child is familiar with its use. Be sure to label all equipment including gloves (mittens) and goggles.

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