Chairlift Safety


It all starts with you. While we make it our priority to keep you safe while you are on our ski slopes and chairlifts, it is also your responsibility to keep yourself and your children safe. Safely riding a chairlift is easy when you follow these basic rules and guidelines.

Chair Lift Safety Chair Lift Safety

Be Ready!

  • Watch others get on the chairlift, ask for help if you need it, and when it's your turn... Move quick!
  • Chairlift operators are happy to assist, don't be shy, ask for help or a boost if you need a hand.

Get On!

  • Don't rush to make a chair, it's ok to miss a chair if you just aren't ready.
  • Remember "back to back, bottom to bottom" and get as far in to the seat as quickly as possible.
  • If you drop gear, don't worry, leave it and the lift operators will send it up behind you.

Prepare to Unload

  • Look ahead and be aware of the unloading zone.
  • Keep your ski tips up and watch for skiers or snowboarders on the ramp.
  • Clear the unloading area as quick as possible.


The Three Basics

  • Sit Still, Hold On!
    No horseplay or moving around. Simply hold on to the chair and enjoy the ride to the top.
  • Back To Back, Bottom To Bottom
    Keep your back against the backrest on the chair at all times. Do not ever try to lift up off the seat or stand on foot rests.
  • Packs In Laps, Check For Loose Clothing
    Before you load, remove your backpack and check for loose clothing. Unremoved packs prevent riders from being safely and fully seated and can also snag when trying to unload.

Parents, teaching your kids how to safely ride a chairlift is very important and discussing these points with them often (no matter how many times they've ridden) will help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the mountain every time they go skiing or snowboarding.

  • No. You cannot load chairlifts or surface lifts (carpets) with your child in a pack of any kind.