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Payment Plans

Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

Important! Our payment plan is no longer available for the 2022-23 Winter Season.

Standard Payment Plan

Our three-month payment plan was available on Unlimited, LTD, Remedy, and Twilight season passes only through May 31, 2022. Passes purchased with our regular payment plan cannot be used until they are paid in full. Season passes are non-refundable and the payment plan cannot be canceled, terminated, or transferred. However, remaining balances can be paid in full at any time.

Date for recurring payment each month falls on the same day of the month you purchased. So if you purchased on the 8th of a May, each subsequent monthly payment would process on the 8th of each month.

Additional Payments

If you'd like to pay your payment plan off early, you can do so at this link. Season Pass Payment Plan.