APRIL 21, 2021 | 10:00AM

Closing Weekend 2021

First and foremost, we want to thank all our staff, passholders, and guests for joining us in making the most out of this season. It has been a long one, we’re nearing the five month mark and couldn’t have made it through the winter without your help. We truly appreciate everyone for playing a part in making it a memorable, safe and lasting season. It’s not over yet though! We will operate one more long weekend at Alpental, Friday through Sunday (April 30 - May 2). With that said, we have concerns about over-crowding Alpental on closing weekend as we know many of you will be eager to get one last day in at the mountain. So, we are making some important changes to responsibly manage visitation on what could be a very popular weekend for local skiers and snowboarders. Read on to get the details.


Friday Details

    • Passholders
    • No Reservation Needed
    • Lift Tickets
    • Available Online
    • Ikon Reservations
    • Available
    • 21-22 Unlimited & LTD Passholder Tickets
    • Available
    • Passholder Buddy Tickets/Discounts
    • Available
Friday Lift Ticket & Ikon Reservation Inventories Are Limited

Saturday Details

    • Passholders
    • Reservations - SOLD OUT
    • Lift Tickets
    • Available Online
    • Ikon Reservations
    • Available
    • 21-22 Unlimited & LTD Passholder Tickets
    • Available
    • Passholder Buddy Tickets/Discounts
    • Not Available

Please Note: On Saturday, all visitors (passholders, Ikon guests, & lift ticket purchasers) will need to stop at the Summit West checkin location to pickup their ticket and parking pass for the day before proceeding up Alpental road.

Inventory & Access Saturday Is Limited - Reserve Your Spot Today:

Sunday: Passholders Only

  • thumbs up
    Passholders Only
  • info
    Reservations Required (SOLD OUT)
  • no tickets
    Lift Tickets Not Available
  • no ikon
    No Access For Ikon Passholders

Last Call For Alpental is also passholder appreciation day - it's a special day for this season's passholders.

This day is only for:

  • 2020-21 Passholders
  • 2021 Spring-Fling Passholders
  • 2021-22 Unlimited Black Passholders

No access or availability: Lift tickets & buddy tickets/discounts will not be available. 21-22 Unlimited, LTD, Remedy, Twilight, & Nordic passholders, and all Ikon passholders will not have access.


Passholder Reservation Overview

Reservations are required for May 1-2 in order to reduce the risk of over-crowding at Alpental. Once the passholder tickets are available in our store on April 28, 2020-21 Summit Passholders, 2021 Spring Passholders, & 21-22 Unlimited Black passholders will be able to reserve a passholder ticket for Saturday and/or Sunday. 

  • Reservations are free for eligible passholders.
  • Reservation availability will be limited for both days.
  • Reservations must be made online.

Summit Passholder Reservations Open

We just opened up more passholder inventory. If you want to ride today, make a reservation and come on up! Enter the promo code "LastCall" in the promo code menu item in our store to get access, then login and reserve.


  • Yes, tailgating and/or picnicking in the lots will be allowed, but space available will be limited. We ask that you only use the space immediately behind your vehicle. Our team will be there to help accommodate your tailgating needs, while providing enough space for everyone to park. Please follow the directions of our staff when setting up, be considerate and respectful of our team and your fellow passholders. They will appreciate you making sure there is a space for everyone.

  • Yes, but drop-offs will only be allowed at the lower (first parking lot on the left) parking lot check point. From their skiers and snowboarders can walk up the lot to the access trail that leads to the Alpental foot bridge. 

  • Paper ticket vouchers cannot be used Saturday or Sunday (May 1-2), but can be used Friday April 30.

  • Unfortunately, we do not have enough staff to run Summit Central as well.

  • Yes. For Friday you must reserve your rentals online. On Saturday and Sunday online reservations are not required and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis at the Alpental Rental Shop.

  • No, passes will not scan at Alpental lifts when reservations are required. Those with a reservation must pickup a passholder ticket, which will scan valid at the lifts.

  • For Alpental residents with an eligible season pass, a reservation for either Saturday or Sunday is still required.

    • If walking to Alpental, visit ticket window at Alpental to pickup passholder ticket
    • If driving to Alpental, visit summit west to pickup passholder ticket
  • No, the last night for overnight parking this season will be April 24th.

  • No, nordic passes do not include lift access at Alpental.


How To Reserve & Pickup - Summit Passholders

  • Eligible passholders interested in reserving for either day should login to our online store well in advance of reservations going live in order to make sure you can access your account, and that you know the login and password for each passholder you wish to reserve spots for if your dependent family members are not attached to your primary account. If you have trouble, please contact our support team as soon as possible.

    If you have never logged into our new online store, pleast use the "Create/Forgot Password" link to setup your account and use the email address you used to purchase your pass.

    Login Here

    Do not wait until the day-of to try to login for the first time!! You may have issues, and we will not be able to provide you a reservation.

  • To reserve a passholder ticket in our online store, passholders must login to their account. Once logged in passholders will have access to a menu item labeled “Passholder Benefits”. Click or tap the Passholder Benefits menu link to access the passholder ticket.

    Login Here To Access Passholder Benefits

  • Under the “Available Benefits” sub-menu a passholder can choose which passholder in their household they want to reserve a passholder ticket for. If you have multiple family members you’ll need to select and reserve a ticket for each one.

  • Once you have selected a passholder, click or tap the passholder reservation ticket product, then choose the date you want to reserve and add it to the cart to proceed to checkout. After adding a passholder ticket to the cart, proceed through the checkout to complete the transaction before attempting to reserve for other passholders in your family or account.

  • No, when logged in and reserving for multiple passholders in a family or household, each reservation must be "purchased" separately. Complete each passholder reservation transaction, then choose the next passholder under "Available Benefits" to reserve for the next individual.

  • Once you have made your reservation(s), you will receive a confirmation email with barcodes for each passholder ticket.

  • To redeem your passholder ticket, go to Summit West and follow the signs to enter the load/unload area in front of the main lodge. Have your mobile phone ready with the barcode(s) ready to be scanned. Once you get to the check-in point, hold your phone out your window (no need to exit the vehicle) and we’ll scan the barcode(s) and issue your tickets.

    Passholder Ticket Pickup Time: 7:30am – 2:15pm Saturday & Sunday

    Passholder Ticket Pickup Location: Summit West Load/Unload zone outside Alpenhaus Lodge (maps link)

    At check-in we will also provide a parking permit for the day.

  • After picking up your passholder tickets at Summit West, proceed to Alpental. Before reaching the ski area you’ll pass through a checkpoint on the Alpental road near the first parking lot. Please make sure your parking permit is visible on your dash on the drivers side. Each passenger in the vehicle must also have and show their passholder ticket.

    Please note: Vehicles with passengers without a passholder ticket/reservation will be asked to turn around. Do not attempt to bring extra passengers to the mountain with you. No reservation, no access.

  • Think of your fellow skiers and snowboarders. If you reserve and are not able to make it to the mountain, please submit a cancellation request as soon as possible so your spot can go back in the pool.

Please note: if you have reserved multiple days - barcodes are date specific and you cannot pickup multiple days worth of passholder tickets at once. Each day you have a reservation you must check-in at Summit West to redeem your passholder ticket(s) for the day as well as your date specific parking permit for your vehicle.


What About Cinco de Mayo?

We have thoroughly evaluated Cinco de Mayo, and although are hearts always yearn to make it happen, this just isn’t the year due to public safety. In the spirit of making responsible decisions for the greater good, we will not have Cinco de Mayo at Alpental this year.