April 5, 2019

April Operations Update

This Saturday and Sunday will be the final two days of operations at Summit Central due to warm weather and decreasing snow depth. It's been a great season at Central, which included the introduction of night skiing at Silver Fir, making The Summit the largest night skiing operation in America.

The recent warm weather has since taken over and the snowpack at Summit Central has been melting fast. Although snow depth is declining, we're still having a blast skiing what's left of the soft and creamy spring snow. We hope you'll help us close out Summit Central's season in style!

Don't fear, the season isn't over yet! Our snowpack at Alpental is holding on much stronger, so the spring vibes and soft turns will continue across the freeway.

Planned Lifts For April 6-7

  • Armstrong Express: 9am-4pm
  • Edelweiss: 9am-4pm
  • St. Bernard: 9am-4pm
  • Sessel: 9am-4pm
  • Magic Carpet: 10am-4pm
  • Central Express: 9am-5pm
  • Triple 60: 9am-5pm
  • Silver Fir Express: TBD - Check each morning
  • Holiday: 9am-5pm

Spring Ticket Specials

Spring ticket pricing is in full effect! Always order your tickets online to get the best deal, but we'll have lower spring prices at the ticket window as well.

    • Adult Full Day
      Window rate - ages 13+
    • $60
    • Youth & Senior Full Day
      Window rate - ages 7-12, 62-69
    • $45
    • Child & Super Senior Full Day
      Window rate - ages 0-6, 70+
    • $15

LTD & XPass Restrictions Lifted

It's that time of the year again, starting this Saturday we are removing the restrictions for the remainder of the season on Xpass and L-T-D passes. If you have an L-T-D or XPass you can now ski or ride anytime Summit Central or Alpental are open, until we close for the season. So take advantage and make tracks this weekend at Summit Central or take on the more challenging terrain at Alpental.

Caution: Low Snow Depth

Low snow depth has uncovered the usual hazards on the hill, such as exposed rock/dirt, small tree stumps, creeks, and holes. Always look ahead and watch for both marked and unmarked hazards. It's up to you, the skier, to be aware of risks on your way down.

This Weekend at Alpental

All lifts will be spinning at Alpental, including the magic carpet. If you have children or beginners, Alpental's carpet is a great option, especially since Central's carpets won't be running. Snow depth is much better at Alpental as well.

Both of our weekend events will be held at Alpental. We'll host SheJumps: Get The Girls Out! on Saturday and Vertfest on Sunday. It should be a great weekend!

Limited Terrain at Silver Fir

Operation of Silver Fir will be assessed each day this weekend. Snow depth is lowest in that area, and therefore, more hazards are present. Three runs at Silver Fir will remain closed this weekend as a result of additional hazards: Inspiration, Wildcat, and Silver Fir Face. The opening of Outback will be assessed each morning.


Trails that can be groomed are actually quite nice, however, low snow depth and soft snow introduce challenges and limit grooming. Our operators will be working hard each night to groom as much terrain as possible. Be sure to check trail status of your favorite runs each morning.

Terrain Parks

Our Park Crew is working hard to maintain and preserve features for this weekend so you can get your last laps of shred on Central Express. We plan to open Greenhorn Acres and Rampart Rail Garden. Stay tuned for the status of Central Park each day this weekend.