MARCH 27, 2020 | 1:00PM

To Our Loyal Guests

We know you're likely dealing with challenges and hardships, just like our team and many others in our region. However, we truly believe everything we're doing is for the right reasons. We also know for some of you skiing and snowboarding may be the last thing on your mind, and for others it may be all you can think about while isolated at home. Either way, we want to let you know our focus is on the wellbeing of our team members and guests like you, our loyal passholders and lesson students.


The Summit's operations are still suspended and the small number of staff members still working are doing so from home. If you're among those that have snow on your mind, you may be wondering if there is any chance the mountain will reopen this season. To be honest and at this point, it is highly unlikely. However, we are maintaining a sliver of hope for Alpental, as hope can always help get us through difficult times.


We want you to know that we are reviewing our policies and considering several scenarios that acknowledge the circumstances of this spring and your loyalty as a passholder. Additionally, our SnowSports team is currently finalizing a comprehensive customer care plan for those who were not able to complete their lessons this season. As you might imagine, given the challenges that come with suspending operations and hastily vacating our offices, this process is not a quick one. We appreciate your patience during this period and will provide updates with more information in the coming weeks.


Recognizing our guest service and administrative staff are currently working from home, please use email instead of calling if you need urgent assistance. If your need is not urgent, please have patience and hang tight until we have shared more information.


You may be considering spending time outdoors and going for a tour or hike. In partnership with the USFS we have closed all areas and terrain at The Summit (including Alpental). This closure applies to any and all activities or recreation types within our permit area. This closure is in an effort ot help limit travel and reduce the spread of COVID-19, so please respect the closure of terrain and USFS parks. If we all do our part, we truly can make an impact and slow this outbreak down.


Thank you for your patience, understanding and support over the last couple of weeks. We sincerely wish the very best for you, your family, and friends during these unprecedented and challenging times. Stay safe, stay healthy, and trust we'll be in touch soon with more information.


Guy Lawrence
President & General Manager