COVID-19: Policy Update - Masks are required no exceptions COVID-19: Policy Update - Masks are required no exceptions
DECEMBER 15TH, 2020 | 5:00PM


Thank you to the vast majority of our ski and snowboard community for partnering with us to follow Washington State COVID mandates and guidelines as well as our resort guidelines and policies. We understand that this season isn't like any other but only by working together will we have a long enjoyable season and most of all a safe and healthy one all within a global pandemic.

Continued Non-compliance

Unfortunately, we still have a small number of guests who are not fully on board with the Washington State and resort guidance for wearing proper, well fitted maks, in our lift lines or around base facilities. Staying socially distanced as much as possible and working with the general resort safety policies we have in place. This absolutely endangers the health of everyone, undermines the ability to run the resort safely, and is in conflict with our goal to remain open, season-long. Obviously, this is not acceptable nor sustainable. Additionally, it’s not acceptable for an individual to harass our team when asked to comply with the Covid-19 guidelines.

We are now in the core of the winter season and we need 100% compliance to stay open and mitigate the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus. This is mission critical, and we know we can all do this!

New Enforcement Measures

Because we need everyone's cooperation and compliance with the Washington State mandate and Resort Guidance we are now implementing enforcement measures that will affect everyone at the resort.

  • Chairlifts will be stopped until guests in lift lines cover both their nose and mouth with a mask.
  • Ticket checkers and lift operators are working together on facial covering enforcement, non compliance threatens the resort's ability to stay open, and ultimately their livelihood from an employment and health perspective. 
  • Please work with each other to prevent these occurrences from happening - remind your friends, family, fellow lift riders to cover up to help prevent virus spread and the unnecessary stopping of chairlifts.
  • Loss of lift riding privileges will be a consequence for repeat offenders or combative guests. Again, non-compliance of Washington State mandates and resort guidance threatens our season and the health of guests and employees.
  • All guests must wear their face covering prior to entering the resort, facilities, and lift areas, we ask that you assist children as needed prior to resort entry. 

We are also reiterating to our own teams the same message both while they are on the clock and also when they are skiing/snowboarding on their time off. It only works if we are 100% on board together, both as a resort as well as a community. No one wants to be 'the reason we lose the season!'

Here’s to a long and successful healthy winter season in 2021! Thank you to all of you for making the resort and this community what it is, we are all in this together.

You can find more specific details for departments, services, and areas of the resort as they change in our COVID-19 information pages.