SEPTEMBER 29, 2019

First Snowfall of 2019 at Alpental

The first snowflakes of the season have officially landed at Alpental and the stoke is high! The snow line dropped down to the top of Sessel Chair and the upper regions of Central Express this weekend. Dusting the landscape with a beautiful coat of snow. The first snow of the season always brings excitement and drives home the reality that our favorite season of the year is just around the corner. It's time to start getting geared up for another winter full of good times!

Does this year's snowfall seem early or late to you? It's actually about one week earlier than last year's first snow in the Central Cascades.

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When Will The Summit Open?

That's always the million dollar question this time of the year. This early in the year we don't have a definitive answer since our opening is dependent on natural snowfall.

As we get into November and closer to December keep in eye on the forecast, our website, social channels, and subscribe to email updates to stay informed about opening day.

Our brush-cutting efforts have again been very extensive this summer, which will help us to get open earlier. Typically it takes two or more feet of snow to open Summit West, but it varies depending on snow type and density.

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