OCTOBER 25, 2019

Holiday Quad Project Update

We're excited to share that the Holiday Quad Chair Project recently hit another milestone and is even closer to completion!

During the big early snow of October the Dopplemayr crew hung the last chair on the recently threaded and spliced haul rope. It took their experienced crew just two days to install all 59 chairs on the Holiday Quad. With the haul rope installed, all the chairs hung, and lift houses almost completed, the lift looks nearly finished. Now our electrical team can jump back on the project to finish the power and control systems, install the backup generator, and prep for the Dopplemayr crew to return soon to get the lift ready for testing and certification.

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New Quad Chairlift At A Glance

  • 2.4x
  • 1,380'
    Chairlift Length
  • 260'
    Vertical Rise
  • 450 ft/min

The new Dopplemayr quad can transport up to 2,400 skiers per hour up the mountain. Not only does each chair hold two additional riders, thanks to the efficient loading conveyor system, it can also operate at a higher speed than the old chairlift.

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