NOVEMBER 22, 2019

Upgrades & Updates For Winter 2019-20

At this point you probably know all about the new Holiday Quad Chair, but there's a lot more coming for the 2019-20 winter season at The Summit. Our crew and contractors have been working hard all summer to ensure your experience is even better than last year. Not all improvements are big dollar, but they all make a difference! Here's a snapshot of "all the little things"...


Lodges & Facilities

  • Timberwolf Restrooms
    These old bathrooms were fully gutted and remodeled featuring stylish modern sinks, new fixtures, and clean octogon tiled walls.
  • Alpental Restrooms
    The restrooms in Denny Lodge received a much needed remodel as well. Complete with modern fixtures, surfaces, and lighting!
  • Furniture & Carpet
    Stan's Cafe at Summit West and Alpental Lodge got a furniture upgrade for improved seating and comfort. You'll also find new carpet in areas at Alpental & Summit Central.
  • Wifi at Summit Central
    We're excited to offer wifi for guests at Silver Fir Lodge and at the Summit Central main plaza this winter!

MOBILE APP COMING SOON: Stay tuned, the new Summit mobile app will drop in December 2019!

Summit Parks News

The PEEPs Pass will be recommended for all parks, but not required this season. Out on the mountain, the jib fleet got a rebuild and our fabricators built 11 new features for this winter! Greenhorn Acres is making a triumphant return to it's old stomping grounds at Holiday and Central Park will have a more traditional top-to-bottom type footprint. In the spring look forward to the return of Alpy Park as well!

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Parking, EV Charging, Tubing, & Lighting

  • Additional LED Lighting
    Over 30 LED fixtures have been installed on the new Holiday Chair and over the beginner terrain in that region.
  • Tesla Chargers
    We're proud to take our first step in supporting electric vehicles in our region and have partnered up with Tesla to install 6 Tesla chargers and 3 universal chargers at the Silver Fir parking lot.
  • Parking Lot Resurfacing
    This summer we took delivery of 500+ truck loads of recycled asphalt. The recycled material was spread over most of our parking lots to fill potholes and improve the surface. We also resurfaced portions of Alpental Road.
  • Tubing Hill Regrade
    This summer we completed a regrade of the Tubing Park slope. The regrade makes the slope safer, allows for more tubing lanes, and requires less snow to open.

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