JANUARY 12, 2019

New Trail Maps Made Of Stone

Our new 2018-19 alpine trail maps are 100% eco-friendly, waterproof, and tear-resistant. These maps are seriously tough, they won't break up in your pockets nor will they get saturated by the snow. Take one out for the day and put it back in the drop box once you're done. We're very excited about this new product and you should be, too.

The Benefits of Stone Paper

Stone Paper Trail Maps Summit at Snoqualmie 2018-19 Trail Maps

What is Stone Paper?

Stone paper is an innovative, revolutionary paper product that is (spoiler alert) made from stone. It is comprised of calcium carbonate or CaCO3 (80-85%), recycled concrete and a non-toxic, recyclable, photodegradable HDPE resin (15-20%) to create an unparalleled, environmentally friendly paper. Most importantly, the creation of stone paper requires NO TREES or WATER. Stone paper manufacturing produces zero air or water pollution, and requires no harmful acids, dyes, or bleaches, all of which eventually end up back in our environment. This make-up may change slightly depending on the product. Calcium Carbonate is one of the most common elements on earth, and the principle component in many types of stone, including limestone and marble.

Stone Paper Explanation

Return Them Once You're Done

If you don't want to take one home as a souvenier, please find one of our trail map dropboxes and return it when you're finished. Then we'll collect them, dry them out, and get them back into circulation. One of our goals is to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much and as often as possible. The best way to do that is to prolong the life of our maps. The dropboxes are located in the rental return areas, Guest Services, Alpental Bridge, and Denny Mountain Lodge. 


Why Is It Better Than Regular Paper?

Stone paper uses ground up waste rock (CaCO3) as the primary content instead of tree fiber, and is the environmentally responsible alternative to regular paper made from wood pulp or synthetic (plastic) paper. Because it is "tree-free" companies using stone paper help preserve forests worldwide and slow deforestation. Even with the best forest management, the use of stone paper replaces a generally finite resource with a ubiquitous mineral, considered as production waste in other industries. 

No Hazardous Chemicals

Stone paper requires no bleaches, acids, alkali, or other potentially dangerous ingredients to achieve its white color. Instead, the exceptionally white paper is derived from the high concentration of naturally white Calcium Carbonate. As a result, the manufacture of stone paper does not pollute the air, rivers, or groundwater with any harmful chemicals.

Small Carbon Footprint

Because growing trees sequester greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, harvesting them to produce wood-fiber paper creates a carbon footprint. Stone paper's carbon footprint is much less than traditional paper because its manufacturing process uses approximately half the energy of it takes to make virgin-pulp paper and approximately one-third the energy of recycled-pulp paper. Furthermore, stone paper uses only electricity for its production, unlike pulp paper production, which uses a wide variety of heavy machinery powered by gasoline and diesel fuels.

No Deforestation

Stone paper will never contribute to the worldwide issue of deforestation. While many believe printing and the use of paper is a dying industry, consumption of paper has risen by 400% in the past 40 years, with 35% of harvested trees being used for paper manufacture.

Stone Paper Solutions brought stone paper to market to reduce, and someday eliminate the logging of old growth forests and minimize the ecological effects of monoculture plantation forests. We're excited to work with such an amazing product that helps protect the future of our planet. 

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