February 20, 2019

Passholder Highlights

Join us as we take a look into the lives of passholders, visitors, and employees that each experience this amazing mountain in their own unique way. We all hold a special love for The Summit at Snoqualmie, the Snoqualmie Pass community, and the people that help create such a wonderful mountain. Stay tuned, more highlights are on the way! 

Episode One | Gettin Dadical

We join Brian Leahy on a typical day of work and play. He shares his passion for the SnowSports School and raising his daughter in this mountian environment. Brian is a longtime Pass local and Manager of the Summit Central SnowSports School. Find them out on the hill next time you're out riding!  

Getting Dadical An insight into our local passholders. In Episode 1, we follow Brian Leahy and his daughter Amelia on a typical day of work and play.

Episode Two | The Rookie Pro

Local rider Jay Hergert grew up in these mountains, and after mastering how to ride them, his lifelong dreams are coming true. Growing up close to the Summit at Snoqualmie Jay quickly made this mountain home. Watch as his art starts to come to life on some of the industries top snowboard and binding products!

The Rookie Pro The Rookie Pro