February 12, 2019

Record-Breaking Snowfall

Recordbreaking Snowfall Edit During the February 12 Storm in 2019. The Summit at Snoqualmie received over 6 feet of snow and broke a snowfall record on February 12 at 31.5 inches in a 12 hour period.

Over 6' of Snow Since Saturday!

Winter returned to Snoqualmie Pass with a record-breaking vengeance this week. We saw 31.5" of snow in a 12-hour period on Tuesday, February 12, handing us the monumental task of digging the mountain out. Mother Nature had other plans and relentlessly sent more snow our way, totaling over 6 feet of snow for the entire storm.


Our teams quickly sprung into action, working alongside WSDOT to clear the roads, parking lots, and avalanche danger in the higher elevations. The entire Summit Crew spent the next 48 hours shoveling the plazas and lift terminals and even found themselves using excavators to dig out some of the buildings. We can't thank everyone enough for their efforts during this storm cycle. 


February provided and winter is back in full swing. The Summit and I-90 have reopened, get up here and take advantage of the fresh pow!

The Joint Effort

Every 10 years or so we have a storm drop enough snow in such a short amount of time that we have to bring in some extra help. The Summit partnered with WSDOT to provide air-supported avalanche control along the upper slopes of the highway and ski area. These 20-pound explosives were dropped in specific areas on Mt. Snoqualmie, Denny, and Upper Back Bowls. The purpose is to try to create controlled avalanches before they unexpectedly occur. 

The Clean-Up

We Do That So We Can All Do This