JANUARY 28, 2021

Summit Tubing Center Snowmaking

This summer we invested in a new snowmaking system for the Summit Tubing Center. This will allow us to open more tubing lanes earlier in the year if we don't get enough natural snow. Snowmaking is a critical part of our effort to maintain a consistent snow experience for guests. The holidays are an especially busy time and if we don't get enough snow we may have very limited tubing lanes which results and far fewer tickets available for our guests to enjoy the snow during the holidays.

Status Update:

During phase 1 we completed the installation of 7 snow guns, 4 along the carpet, and 3 at the bottom of the hill

Phase 2 will be finished in Summer 2021 and will include 4 more snow guns on the opposite side of the hill.

For a total of 11 snow guns filling in the snow tubing hill nicely.

New Snowmaking System

  • 7 New Snowguns
    Phase 1 - Completed Summer 2020
  • 4 New Snowguns
    Phase 2 - To Be Completed Summer 2021