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We're thrilled to announce updates to our terrain parks here at The Summit at Snoqualmie. We've spent the off-season rebuilding existing jibs and creating nearly half a dozen new features. Central Park when fully built out will be more similar to the top-to-bottom parks of years past, and Greenhorn Acres has moved back to it's original location accessed via Holiday chair. For specialty parks, you've all been enjoying the Boneyard hike recently and it seems only fitting to bring Alpy Park back again this spring. Our PEEPs park pass program has changes that we think you'll be stoked about as well. Scroll down for more details.

We're excited for the 2019-2020 season, so stay tuned to our social media channels for updates throughout the winter

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New Features & New Lines

Nearly half a dozen features have been added to our jib fleet, we've also refurbished and updated many of the existing features to keep the park looking fresh this season. 

Greenhorn Acres will be relocated to the skiers left of the NEW Holiday Chair. This Park is filled with small features, perfect for those new to terrain parks or looking to progress their skills on smaller scale features.


PEEPs Program Requirements

New this season, a PEEPS pass will no longer be required to enter Central Park. We do still highly recommend that all terrain park users aquire a PEEPs pass before using any of our terrain parks.

PEEPs stands for Park Etiquette and Education Program. It is a program designed to inform and educate the public about proper terrain park etiquette and the risks associated with using terrain parks. The PEEPs pass helps to educate both first time and experienced users so that all participants can ride safely and have fun at the same time. While it is not required, the PEEPs pass is a valuable tool to keep yourself as well as others safe and informed.

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Upcoming Terrain Park Events

Be on the lookout for upcoming terrain park events, such as Airblaster's Mini Skolf and the Qualmie Classic with C3. We are constantly adding new events, so be sure to stay tuned to our social media channels, event pages,  for updates and registration. 

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