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The Summit Syndicate

Ambassadors & Athletes of The Summit

The Summit Syndicate was created to showcase the top-level athletes that call The Summit at Snoqualmie home. These skiers and riders represent the very best The Summit has to offer, from the jumps and jibs of Central Park to the cliff drops and pillows of the Alpental Back Bowls. No matter the conditions, these are the riders you'll see out there day in and day out- this is what they live for.

The Summit Syndicate Team

Jackie Pow Drop at Summit Central


Jackie Flanagan

Straight outta' Ohio, Jackie grew up snowboarding at a landfill (literally) before she came to her senses and moved West. She probably can name pretty much every species of marine life that exists off the top of her head, and also has a pet hedgehog named Groot.


Justus Pow turn Alpental


Justus Hines

Holding it down for the East side of the Cascades, Justus has been a fixture in the local scene since day one. The Ellensburg native burst onto the radar of the snowboarding world filming with the Wyld Instinct crew and has been quietly destroying every street rail and backcountry pillow in his path, on his own terms, ever since.

Austin Buza Bending Boards in The Summit Park


Austin Buza

A man of few words, Austin will show up to Central Park, get on the chair without talking to anyone, and quickly get to work doing every possible trick on the jump line. If you want to catch him on camera you better be quick- he usually puts it down on the first try.

Alex Pow Drop at Alpental


Alex Bachmeier

Cliff drops, backcountry booters, setting the boot pack in 18" of fresh...Alex can do it all. Involved in the freeskiing community from a young age, we're proud to have Alex on our team. 

Jay Dropping at Alpental


Jay Hergert

If a snowboarder makes a powder turn in the woods and there's no one around to see it, did it even happen? In Jay's case, definitely. While you might rarely see Jay riding, you've surely seen his tracks on classic lines in and around the Alpental Valley. Have you ever rolled up to the top of a burly line and been surprised to see a lone track leading down it already? Chances are Jay beat you to it.

Lauren Pow at Alpental


Lauren Lund

Queen of snow, water, and concrete, Lauren is always D.T.B. - Down To Board. Snowboards, surfboards, skateboards, and allegedly even kiteboards, Lauren can do it all with unmatched style and grace. Her other hobbies include excessive cooking and eating snacks.

Mikey Cliff Drop At Alpental


Mike Swearingen

A jack of all trades, Mikey is a true Northwest Shredder. On any given day there's an equal chance you'll find him ripping pow in the Alpental Backcountry, blasting a huge frontside air at one of Seattle's gnarliest skateparks, or getting barreled at a secret spot somewhere out on the Olympic Peninsula. If there was a contest to crown the ultimate all-around board rider, Mikey would probably win.

Matteo Summit Parks


Matteo Soltane

Raised on the Think Thank antics of Snoqualmie past, Matteo constantly blows minds with his avant-garde trick selection and unique approach to snowboarding. A Seattle native, Matteo has been turning heads around Snoqualmie Pass since he was basically an infant.

Josh Nucci Flip


Josh Nucci

Born and raised in Seattle, Josh has been quickly making a name for himself in snowboarding over the last few years. Combining incredible feats of athleticism with a style that is completely his own, Josh is definitely someone to watch in seasons to come.

Mitch Getting Some Air in The Park


Mitch Kirby

When he's not too busy curing cancer, designing rocket engines, and generally making important scientific breakthroughs in his Ph.D. research at The University of Washington, Mitch can usually be found ripping powder in the Alpental Back Bowls or chasing waves up and down the West Coast. One of the fastest snowboarders around, Mitch has won just about every Banked Slalom out there.

Jamie Sending the Rail


Jamie Baril

Blending technical rail wizardry with expert backcountry knowledge, Jamie has been holding it down for The Summit for almost two decades. Born and raised just down the hill in Sammamish, Jamie has called The Summit home since he could barely walk.


Corey Alpental Park


Corey Nugent

Another longtime Summit local, Corey has been known to tame some of the gnarliest lines at Alpental without breaking a sweat. Not the selfish type, Corey spends a lot of his time mentoring the next generation of skiers as a coach for the Alpental Freeride program.

Ryan Wallride


Ryan Outerson

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, Ryan quickly turned heads last season with insane double cork variations on the jump line. Combined with a solid rail game, Ryan is definitely on the come up. Keep an eye on this one!

Sophia Pow at Alpental


Sophia Rouches

Chances are you've seen Sophia on the side of the road somewhere, either hitchhiking back to the chairlift after a powder run or trying to fix her 1990 "Falcon" camper van. Sophia grew up skiing at Alpental and now has become one of the top female skiers in the Northwest.

Summit Squad

  • Greg Phillips
  • Kael Martin
  • Kate Hourihan
  • Kit Hendrickson
  • Krystin Norman
  • Max Tokunaga
  • Race Bingham
  • Alec Lawrence
  • Will Greenwood
  • Skylar Mcloughlin
  • Jalen Brandsoy

Summit Legends

  • Jesse Burtner
  • Peter Line
  • Donovan Jardee
  • Jay Kelly
  • JD Thompson
  • Marcel Dolak
  • Martin Volken
  • Shane Treat
  • Andy Devore
  • Austen Sweetin
  • Phil Hanson
  • Sammy Hall