Ability Level Guide


Use this guide to help determine what level of skier or snowboarder you are for Summit SnowSports School lessons, programs, and packages.

The skiing and snowboarding ability levels and descriptions above are unique to The Summit at Snoqualmie and our SnowSports School. The levels are not the same as trail ratings and are used to better place students with groups of similar ability levels and the right instructor.

Skier Ability Levels

Snowboarder Ability Levels

NEED MORE HELP? Whether it is for you, a friend or family member, we understand that assessing your ability level can be difficult and sometimes confusing. If you aren’t comfortable making a decision with the above overview and descriptors, please come to one of our SnowSports meeting areas on snow and we will help determine the right level. We have extensive experience and are ready to help match students to the right lesson.