Alpental Back Bowls


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A Back Bowls Pass and beacon, shovel, and probe are required to access this terrain. Passes must be ordered online.
Scroll down to watch our Back Bowls video, read the guide, and review our policy for accessing Back Bowls terrain before you register for a Back Bowls Pass.
Watch: Guide To The Back Bowls Essentials for accessing our Back Bowls terrain.

More Hazards & Risk

Our Back Bowls terrain is rugged. This area is not managed or controlled for avalanches to the same extent as terrain in the developed ski area and includes more hazards and increased risk. This risk — complete with hazards such as large cliffs, terrain traps, obstacles, changing snow conditions, creeks, and holes — requires respect, knowledge, and preparation.

Additional Safety Information

Be Prepared For Wild Terrain

The essentials for entering the Alpental Back Bowls.

  • At least one person in the group should be familiar with the geographic area and the planned routes of ascent and descent. Large cliffs are numerous, with a limited number of safe passage routes.

  • Do not enter the Back Bowls through either Nash Gate or Elevator Gate without having the essentials in your backpack, and knowing how to use all of it well.

    • Shovel
    • Probe
    • Avalanche Transceiver (beacon)
    • First aid kit
    • Food & water
    • Extra hat, gloves, & flashlight/headlamp
  • Alpental locals know to turn it on when you put it on, and not to turn it off until you take it off. Be prepared! If there's a chance you might ski or ride in the Back Bowls or backcountry, always have your beacon turned on and checked before leaving the car.

    We also have a beacon check at the top of Edelweiss Chair.

  • Never enter the Back Bowls alone. Go in a group or find a partner and always remain in visual contact with each other.

  • The Alpental Back Bowls and Backcountry beyond should only be accessed by experienced expert skiers and snowboarders. However, even the most experienced riders can find extremely challenging terrain in the Back Bowls. If you feel something is above your ability level, it is your responsibility to make the wise judgment and inform your group.

    You should realize that your actions affect not just yourself, but also every other member of your party and potentially any other winter enthusiasts who may be required to help in the case of an accident.

  • Before heading out the gates, always make a basic route plan with your partner or group. Plans can change, but if you always remain in visual contact and regroup often on the way down you can reduce the risk of losing a member of the group.

The Alpental Back Bowls and Backcountry can be the highlight of your day, but it can quickly become just the opposite. Preparing yourself for skiing or snowboarding in this wild terrain is essential to your safety, and the safety of others.

Want to Learn More About Backcountry Safety?

Back Bowls Pass Required

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    Valid For The 2024-25 Season
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    Digital Pass, Show Confirmation On Mobile Device
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    Beacon, Shovel, Probe Required For 24/25

A specific Back Bowls Pass is required to access the Alpental Back Bowls. To get your Back Bowls Pass, review all our Back Bowls information, video, and policy then order your Back Bowls Pass in our online store. A Back Bowls waiver must be signed before checkout.

  • Beacon, Shovel, & Probe are required to access the Back Bowls starting winter 2024-25
  • This is a digital pass, a physical card is no longer issued
  • You must carry proof of your pass whenever you enter the Back Bowls
    • Proof can be in the form of a screenshot, email confirmation, or a printed copy of your confirmation
  • Passes are non-transferable and are season-specific
Read The Rules & Policy Before Getting A Pass