Parking Guide


FREE PARKING! The Summit doesn't charge for parking in any of our primary lots, it's free to our guests. We also have more parking space than any other resort in Washington, so you know you'll find a spot for your day on the mountain.

Carpool Only Lots

Vehicles with three or more passengers park free in these areas. Vehicles with less than three passengers must pay $10 to park in these zones.

    • Little Thunder Lot
      Behind SnowSports School & Ski Patrol
    • Summit West
    • Front Of Main Lot
      Roped area near bus parking
    • Summit Central

These lots are only restricted to carpools during the months of January and February. They are open to all cars during all other months.

Overflow Parking Lots

Head to our overflow lots when all other parking lots are full. Then hop on The Summit Shuttle to your mountain area of choice.

Tubing Park Lots

We have two lots for the Tubing Park. The upper lot is located adjacent to the Tubing Park Lodge and the lower lot is near the bottom of the Tubing Park next to our lower ticket booth.

More Parking Tips

  • We know you're excited to get out on the mountain for your first turns of the day, but please control your speeds in our parking lots and on the main highway.

    Speeding in parking lots can result in serious injury, or worse. So be aware of your surroundings, stop at the end of parking rows, and keep speeds to a crawl.

  • Our parking attendants are there to help not only park cars in the most effective way for maximizing traffic flow and the parking space, but also to help you find a parking spot when we're busy. Feel free to ask attendants for advice, we're here to help!

    Look around at your neighbors. Are you parking in a way that makes it difficult for them to load/unload, or even blocking a car from exiting? Are you taking up excessive space? Please respect others when parking.

  • The Alpental road continues beyond the main parking lot. Follow the road to access more parking with super convenient ski-up lots, as well as bathrooms at the Shot 10 Parking lot. Keep in mind, the uppermost lot (lot 4) is for Summit passholders only.

  • Lot three at Alpental is for overnight parking only. If you're just at the mountain for the day, you must park somewhere else. Please respect this rule as congestion can cause serious problems in the overnight lot.

  • Don't forget, there are actually three parking lots at Summit East and the Nordic Center. The lower lot can be accessed by continuing beyond the main lot entrance, then take a right and continue down the hill. Getting to the lodge and lift from this lot is just a quick walk up the groomer path.

  • Parking is available both at the base of the lift, and across the street in the overflow lots.

    If you park in the overflow lot across the road, please be extremely careful when crossing.

  • Parking lots at the ski area are either leased or privately owned for use by guests of The Summit & Alpental. Please do not use ski area parking lots on weekends or holidays.

    If you are not a patron of the ski area and are accessing the Alpental valley, you must park in the "Lower Lot" as seen on the trail map. The lower lot is the first parking lot on the left as you travel up Alpental road, next to the Alpental 'Welcome' sign. Consider carpooling whenever possible and be sensitive and respectful to ski area guests, the ski area and their parking policies & signs.