NO NEED TO WORRY, we have you covered! The uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 shouldn’t prevent you from purchasing your pass at the lowest price, or keep you from buying early to reduce your payment amounts when using our budget friendly payment plan. The coverage is deep, just like those classic Cascade storm cycles!


Worry-Free Winter Assurance

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    Free With 20/21 Passes
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    Included Thru June 30, 2020
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    Two Layers Of Protection
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    Alleviate The Uncertainty

Worry-Free Winter Assurance provides Summit passholders with two layers of protection for their season pass purchase. First, if for any reason you feel uncomfortable about the upcoming season you have the option to defer the value of your season pass to the 2021/22 season any time before Dec. 10, 2020. Second, if you choose not to defer your pass and The Summit is not open for 105 days or more, you'll receive a credit toward the purchase of a 2021/22 season pass.

It's all included with Summit season passes through June 30, 2020. Scroll down for complete details on each layer of protection.

All aspects of Worry-Free Winter Assurance are non-transferable and can only be used by the guest assigned to the 2020/21 product.


Season Deferral Option

IT'S YOUR CHOICE! If for any reason you feel uncomfortable about skiing in the upcoming season after purchasing a 20/21 Summit season pass, you can choose to defer 100% of the value of your pass toward the purchase of any single pass available for the 21/22 winter season. Season deferral requests must be submitted by December 10, 2020.

Season passes aren’t the only seasonal products that include some protection! Summit SnowSports School Multi-Week Lesson Programs, Advanced Programs, Teams and our season rental products are eligible for season deferral.


105 Day Promise

OUR PROMISE: If The Summit is not open* for at least 105 days during the 2020/21 season, The Summit will provide a credit toward the purchase of a 2021-22 season pass. The value of the credit will be determined by the percentage of days the resort was not open out of 105 days.

For example - if the resort is open 84 days you will receive a 20% credit toward the purchase of a 21/22 season pass. (105-84)/105=.20 or 20%

Credit will be calculated after the resort closes for the season. Scroll down for complete details.

Additional Important Information

Passholder Loyalty Discount

Details and information about returning passholder discounts on 20/21 season passes.