NO NEED TO WORRY, we have you covered! Worry-Free Winter Assurance helps alleviate some of the uncertainty you may have in committing to a season pass for next winter. The coverage is deep, just like those classic Cascade storm cycles!

2024-25 AT A GLANCE

Worry-Free Winter Assurance

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    Included Thru Dec. 15, 2024
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    Two Layers Of Protection
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    Alleviate The Uncertainty

Worry-Free Winter Assurance provides Summit passholders with two layers of protection for their season pass purchase. First, you have the option to defer the value of your season pass to the 2025/26 season any time before Dec. 15, 2024. Second, if you choose not to defer your pass and The Summit is not open for 100 days or more, you'll receive a credit on a deferral card which can be used toward the purchase of a 2025/26 season pass.

It's all included with Summit season passes through December 15, 2024. Scroll down for complete details on each layer of protection and plan for a worry-free winter.

  • All aspects of Worry-Free Winter Assurance are non-transferable and can only be used by the guest assigned to the 2024/25 pass product.
  • All deferral credits have an expiration date of April 1st, 2026. These deferral credits must be used on the purchase of a 2025/2026 season pass. 

Season Deferral Option

IT'S YOUR CHOICE! If for any reason you feel uncertain about skiing in the upcoming season after purchasing a 24/25 Summit at Snoqualmie season pass, you can choose to defer 100% of the value of your pass toward the purchase of any single pass available for the 25/26 winter season. Season deferral requests must be submitted by December 15, 2024. All deferred amounts will be credited to deferral cards.

Want To Defer Your Season Pass? Please Read The FAQ's Below Before Submitting A Request.
  • Passes scanned during the 2024/25 season are not eligible for rollover. 

  • All retail 2024/25 Summit at Snoqualmie passes purchased by December 15, 2024, that have not been used during the 24/25 season are eligible for this program. Lift tickets, frequency cards, multi-day tickets, promotional products, employee passes, and daily rental products are not eligible for this program.

  • All deferral credits will be applied so that they can be used to purchase a different season pass product if desired. Actual 2025/26 season pass product age categories and prices will apply and may vary. The passholder will be responsible for any cost increases if the passholder is no longer eligible for a pass product or age category, and/or a pass product is no longer offered.

  • Season pass deferral requests must be submitted by December 15, 2024. Requests submitted after December 15, 2024 will not be fulfilled. 

    All deferral requests must be submitted via our online form. A separate request must be completed for each individual passholder.

    Submit Deferral Request


100 Day Promise

OUR PROMISE: If The Summit is not open* for at least 100 days during the 2024/25 season, The Summit will provide a credit toward the purchase of a 2025-26 season pass. The value of the credit will be determined by the percentage of days the resort was not open out of 100 days.

For example - if the resort is open 80 days you will receive a 20% credit toward the purchase of a 25/26 season pass. (100-80)/100=.20 or 20%

Credit will be calculated after the resort closes for the season. Scroll down for complete details.

  • It's no secret, the length of the season varies every winter here in the Northwest. Most winters bring plenty of snow and few unexpected closures, but occasionally things out of the resort's control impact operations and the number of days in a season. Because every season is different, we chose to base the number of days very closely on our recent average to make it clean and easy.

  • For a day at the mountain to be counted as open, at least one of The Summit's four primary base areas must have been open for alpine skiing and snowboarding. The Summit's four primary areas include Alpental, Summit West, Summit Central, and Summit East.

Additional Important Information

  • Yes, this program is available to all age categories as well as passes purchased through a discount, for example Military or Protector & Defender pass discounts. The value of deferral credit will be for the amount paid in the 2024/25 season, not for the listed retail value.

  • No, our Worry-Free Winter Assurance plan is included at no additional cost with all season passes purchased by December 15, 2024, including passes purchased using our payment plan.

  • No, this program does not provide a refund. Worry-Free Winter Assurance only provides a credit that can be applied to the purchase of 2025-26 season passes only.

  • The value of any credit issued for your 24/25 pass will be applied to the purchaser's Summit account, which can then be applied to the purchase of any 25/26 season pass. You would be free to change the level of pass if desired. 

  • No, credits are non-transferable and may only be used by the original 2024/25 passholder.

  • The value of the credit will be determined by the percentage of days the mountain was not open out of 100 days. Calculated as (100-days open)/100=credit percentage