Investing In The Future

Summit 2030 is our vision for the future of your home mountain. Our trail forward is designed for our local outdoor community, those that call Washington home and share their love of playing in the mountains with friends and family. It's a plan built to enhance the experience from Summit East to the top of Alpental, to provide outdoor fun across seasons, to make your escape even easier and more convenient, and to ensure responsible growth no matter the type.

SUMMIT 2030Our Focus

The Alpental Aspect


Elevating the experience at Alpental is all about improving access to the unique and challenging terrain that local skiers and snowboarders have grown to love, for generations. From installing the long-awaited International Chair, to increasing capacity on Armstrong Express, to adding new and upgraded avalanche control systems... it's about getting you more of what you love.

Summit Transformed



With so many unique areas to explore, we're planning for lift and lodge improvements that make it easier to find more fun each and every time you visit the mountain. Whether you're enjoying turn-after-turn in your favorite spots, stopping for a bite to eat, or discovering parts of The Summit you've never experienced.

Summit Summers

summit summers


You play in the mountains year round, so at The Summit, we should too. From scenic chairlift rides to mountain biking, disc golf, mountain adventures, music, and festivals - our path forward includes focused investments to provide access to outdoor recreation and enjoyment during our beautiful Cascadian summers.

Easier Escapes

easier access


Over the next decade we plan to continuously improve your experience from your phone to our chairlifts. Through new digital experiences, paving parking lots, and RFID access, our vision is of an even more convenient outdoor escape no matter your preferred activity, needs, or the season.




A never-ending quest, our team strives to become responsible stewards of our environment, and our community. Fostering growth and access where needed, while being mindful to minimize excess. As well as building a stable, sustainable employee environment with the help of additional housing solutions and off-mountain transit programs. Our composting program and LED lighting initiative are just the beginning.

SUMMIT 2030Project Highlights

Completed Projects

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    Hidden Valley Triple Chair
    Installed summer 2022, the Hidden Valley Triple provides increased capacity and replaced an aging lift.
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    Summit Mountain Bike Park
    Opened mid-summer 2022 with 5 trails from beginner to expert.
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    RFID Lift Access
    Initial gates and system conversion completed fall of 2022. Providing more convenient access, scanning, and reloadable passes/tickets.
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    Boyne Rewards Program
    As of the winter 2022-23 season, Summit guests can join the Boyne Rewards program to earn points for purchases.
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    New Ecommerce & Sales Solutions
    Launched fall of 2022. A new online store powered by a leading resort point-of-sale system.
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    Paving & Parking Expansions
    Completed summer 2022. Silver Fir lot & half of Summit Central main lot paved for improved arrival experience and maintenance..
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    Surface Lift Upgrade
    Installed summer 2023. New, longer and realigned double magic carpet to replace existing surface lifts at Summit Central.
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    New Trails - Bike Park
    Built summer 2023. Three new trail segments added to the park. One beginner cross-country loop trail, lower Bermy Loamax, and a green-blue progression trail.
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    Sessel Triple Chair & Realignment
    Installed summer 2023. Higher capacity and realigned to allow for longer descents and improved beginner to intermediate progression.
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    Armstrong Express - Additional Chairs
    Installed summer 2023. Additional chairs added to increase uphill capacity by 20% and reduce time in lines.
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    Additional RFID Gates
    Installation summer 2023. Access gates for Little Thunder at Summit West and Sessel Triple at Alpental.

Near Term Projects

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    Remote Avalanche Control
    Phase one installed summer 2023. Gazex remote avalanche control near Upper International at Alpental to open terrain more quickly and safely.
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    International Triple Chair
    Installation summer 2023 & 2024. Providing a whole new way to access some of the most popular terrain at Alpental.
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    Edelweiss Triple Chair
    Installation summer 2025. Upgrade to a new fixed-grip triple chair to provide more uphill capacity, reduce lines, and increase reliability.
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    Summit West Retail & Restaurant
    Phase one planned for summer 2024. Renovations to Webb's Restaurant and the main floor of Alpenhaus Lodge to create a new dining experience, plus more convenient shopping.
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    Wildside Quad & Realignment
    Installation summer 2024. Upgrade for higher capacity, increased reliability, easier access and realigned for more fall-line descents.

Middle Term Projects

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    Pacific Crest Express
    A new high-speed detachable lift to help reduce lines, stops, and allow for more laps.
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    Central Express Upgrade & Realignment
    New higher capacity chairlift and relocated base to reduce lines and provide easier access.
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    Triple 60 Upgrade & Realignment
    Upgrade to a high-speed lift and realigned for easier access and longer descents.
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    Snowmaking System
    Phase one installation of snowmaking system at Summit Central to provide top-to-bottom snow on key trails.
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    On-Mountain F&B Outlet
    New food and beverage location on-mountain at the top of Wildside Chair.

Long Term Projects

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    New Central Lodge
    New restaurants, amenities, and services; in a more convenient location.
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    Tubing & Summer Lodge
    Located at the base of the Tubing Park, featuring multi-season restaurants, plus services for RV/camping.
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    More Chairlift Upgrades
    Planning continues and we expect to release more lift improvement projects in the coming years.

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