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September 21, 2023
Only two more weekends left! Closing day will be October 1st this year, so be sure to take advantage of the days left to enjoy some riding. It looks like the forecast is calling for great weather through Friday, then we may get some showers as we go through the weekend. That should tack up the dirt quite nicely!

If you haven't ridden Bermy Loamax top-to-bottom yet, be sure to check that out before the season ends. The lower section is an absolute blast. For those of you that love classic black tech single track, give Big Wood trail a roll.

Hours Update:
Bike Park hours are 10am-6pm Thursday-Sunday. Starting next Thursday October 28, Bike Park hours will shift to 9am-5pm for the final weekend.

For more information about mountain biking at The Summit - Bike Park
Last Updated: Thursday, 07:04 AM

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Bike Park
Green Party easiest
The Loop easiest
Bermy Loamax More difficult
Wapiti More difficult
Mid-Mtn Connector More difficult
Tunnel Vision More difficult
Big Wood most difficult
Lost & Found most difficult
Silver Fir DH most difficult
Black Forest expert
Slab 'n' Tickle expert
Last Updated: Monday, 11:57 PM
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