Is Your Child Independent?

If you are concerned about your student’s ability to demonstrate independence on the mountain, we advise that you take the time to read through this information in its entirety so that you understand exactly what is that you are committing to should you decide that you want to participate in lessons this season.

Demonstrated Independence

Students will need to have an Adult Partner remain with them during lessons until they are able to demonstrate to their instructor that can do the following independently and/or unassisted:

  • Put on, take off, adjust, and knock snow out of their Equipment:
    • Gloves
    • Goggles and Helmet
    • Jacket and Snow Pants
      • Note: In the event, your student needs to go to the bathroom they will need to be able to get dressed independently.
    • Skis, Snowboards, Boots, Poles, Bindings, etc.
  • Take care of personal hygiene needs like wiping their noses and using the bathroom.
  • Get up from a fall, collect their equipment and rejoin their group without physical assistance.
    • Note: In the event of an accident or a situation that threatens life or limb, our instructors are trained to respond accordingly.
    • Stay with the instructor and group.
    • Safely approach, load, ride, unload and move away from the chairlift.
    Demonstrated Independence A quick guide to determine if your child is independent.

    Preparing For Separation From Parent(s) During Lessons

    Independence During Lessons Preparing Your Child To Be Independent During Lessons

    More Details About Independence & Adult Partners

    • During the lesson, please encourage your student to engage with the lesson and closely follow the instructions given by the instructor. Remember that while this is a learning experience for the Student AND the Adult Partner, the learning that each experience will be different. Students will be the focus of the instructor. The Adult Partner will learn tips and tricks and how to better help and support the Student during the learning process. Meaning, this lesson is about the Student, Not the Adult Partner. The role of the Adult Partner is a supporting role. As an Adult Partner be prepared to attend the entire lesson unless you are explicitly released by the instructor. You are there to help. The instructor will work with you to set expectations during the lesson and may ask for different levels of participation from you based on the needs of the group at any given time.

    • One area of focus during lessons will be on developing the independence of every student, regardless of age or ability. In doing so students will develop a sense of accomplishment, pride, and appreciation for every part of the journey. As instructors, it means that we will need to bring a level of patience and understanding to the lesson experience that we’ve never had to do before. Most importantly, we will continue, as we always have, to be a powerful source of encouragement, coaching, and guidance for students, celebrating their efforts and learning. 

    • If for any reason at any time you are not willing or able to, or can’t find someone willing and able to fill the role of an Adult Partner for your student, and your student is unable to demonstrate independence to their instructor at any time in the areas described above, then we respectfully ask that you forego lessons for your student until such a time that we are able to re-introduce higher contact in our teaching methodologies. As much as it breaks our heart to say this, this may not be the season for your student to learn if they cannot demonstrate independence and you are unable to find a suitable Adult Partner for them.

    • No. Not unless the individuals involved have arranged this prior to the start of the lesson.

    • Yes.  In the event your student is unable to demonstrate independence in any of the areas mentioned above, the Adult Partner will be expected to stay with the group for the while lesson.

    • Yes.

    • No. It is up to the Student and the Adult Partner to establish their relationship.

    • No.  But we ask that whoever is acting as the Adult Partner be familiarized with the expectations prior to arriving in the group.

    • No.

    • In Multi-Week Lessons, the Adult Partners do not have to pay for the experience and training they will receive from the instructor.  In our Choose Your Own Adventure and Private Lessons the Adult Partner is considered a participant and will be required to pay for the lesson; the focus and scope of these products is much different than the MWL's.

      1. Have them practice putting their gear on and taking it back off. 
      2. Practice using the bathroom with ski/snowboard gear on. 
      3. Taking gloves on and off, zipping and unzipping jackets, etc. 
      4. Practice putting skis/boards on and taking them off. 
      5. Practice getting up from a fall with skis on feet. 
      6. Yes, you can do all of these things at home before you get to the mountain!  
      7. Turn on some ski/snowboard videos and have your kids watch the videos with their skis on. They can pretend like they are skiing too! 
      1. If they are not fully ready to be independent, we need you to stay nearby the lesson to help out if they fall, need to go to the bathroom or wipe their noses, etc… 
      2. Stay close and ready to help if needed. 
      3. Give them a chance to get up on their own with advice from their instructor. 
      4. Ask the instructor if you are unsure of how to help. 
      5. And most importantly, remember that young children can have a hard time being involved and learning if Adult Partners are too hands on during the lesson.  
      6. Our instructors will work with Adult Partners before the start of the lessons to be sure that everyone is on the same page and understands what may or may not be needed. 
      1. Students must be prepared to ride a chairlift on their own. 
      2. Adult Partners are welcome to ride the lift with their Student if they are unprepared to do this on their own. 
      3. Note: This is not different from any other year as is spelled out in our Release of Liability which every student has signed.   
      4. Students may ride the chairlift alone, with other students, with a staff member, or with a member of the general public.  Riding the chairlift with an instructor or adult is not a guarantee that a student won’t have a fall from the chair. 
      5. Kids can practice this at home with ski/snowboard gear on by using a chair. Teach them the rules of the chairlift. 
        • Bottom to Bottom 
        • Back to Back 
        • Packs in Laps 
        • Sit Still, Hold On 
        • No Horseplay on the Chairlift 
      6. We will not force someone to ride in a configuration other than the guidelines set by the State of Washington. However, we consider a Lesson Group to be a Travelling Party.  Therefore students will be able to ride the lift together as a group in an effort to keep groups together as much as possible and not to get them too spread out. As such we ask that every one of our students and staff be considerate of the others in their group and to respect the concerns and wishes of the other persons.
    Chairlift Safety Safely Loading a Chairlift