Student & Athlete Assessments

A BETTER FIT FOR STUDENTS: Students and athletes enrolled in a Multi-Week Lesson, Team, or Advanced program must attend an assessment day prior to the first day of their program. Assessments are designed to better determine skill level of students so our instructors can create the best groups possible and maximize every student's progression through the season. Lessons are always more fun when students fit well with their group too!

Student Assessment FAQ's

  • Yes. Assessments are required for all participants enrolled in Summit SnowSports Multi-Week Lessons and Advanced Programs for skiing or snowboarding. Nordic MWLs do not require an assessment.

  • Some of the most common feedback we receive from customers and our staff is that participants were signed up to the incorrect level, that the group isn’t at the same level, the student is in the wrong program, or other similar challenges. All of which can result in less fun, slower progression, and wasting of lesson time. The goal of pre-program assessments is for our staff to assess student skill levels on specific tasks so that we can build the best groups possible, make the first day easier for students/parents, and make the most of the entire program.

  • In late November our SnowSports team will reach out to registered students with details via the email you provided when purchasing your lesson program. Assessment dates and times are TBD until the snow falls and opening day has been announced, however, they will most likely happen during the last two weekends of December, and/or during the winter break. Assessments will most likely happen at Summit West or Summit Central regardless of program location because these areas tend to open first.

  • Activities during assessment will depend on what program a student is registered for, and the ability level of the participant. The goal is to see what their skill level is, get an accurate gauge of what they need to work on, and share that information to our program staff. It will not be a lesson, but a chance for the participant to show what they remember from previous seasons, and what they can do on their skis or snowboard. Students should be prepared to take several runs with our staff during assessments. More details will be provided when our SnowSports team contacts registered participants in late November.

  • We estimate a student's assessment session to take no more than 2 hours, however, lines and speed of students can impact length of the assessment. The SnowSports team will give groups time slots for the participants to show up. 

  • For most programs you can take the Assessment more than once if you feel you can perform better, you would like to get more days on snow first, or would just like to try again. Inquire with SnowSports staff if you want to take a second assessment.

    Note: Assessments for our Advanced Programs like Alpental Freeride and West ARC will only happen on specific days.

  • Yes. Assessments will help you to understand some of the basic skills and tasks necessary to be successful on their first day in programs. It will also help us determine which program is the best fit for you.

  • If you do not demonstrate the minimum skill level required for the program you are enrolled in you will be given options to move into programs that are appropriate for your demonstrated skills and ability level so you can continue to develop your on-snow skills. If you choose not to switch programs, you will be offered a full refund.