Season Pass Rollovers

Summit Season Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, we understand that life is full of surprises and can change quickly. Therefore, we will consider some predetermined circumstances for a rollover of the value of a pass to the following season.


What Situations Qualify For A Rollover?

  • Season Pass holders with medical considerations preventing the use of their pass will be offered a rollover in the form of a credit to be used on a pass for the following season. Injury, condition, or pregnancy must prevent you from using your season pass for the remainder of the winter season purchased.

    A doctor's note stating that you are unable to ski/snowboard due to a medical condition, injury, or pregnancy is required.

    Injury - Bodily injury that is sustained as a direct result of an unintended, unanticipated accident that is external to the body occurring within the season of the eligible pass. Physician recommendation to not ski/ride is required.

    Pregnancy - Normal or complication of pregnancy or childbirth occurring within the season of the eligible pass. Must be verified with a physician’s referral not to ski/ride.

    Medical Condition/Hardship - A physician’s recommendation appropriate for the standards of good medical practice consistent with the symptoms, diagnosis, or treatment of a medical condition.

    Physician must be a licensed practitioner acting within their scope of practice who is not the passholder or related to the passholder by blood, marriage, civil union partner, or living arrangement.

  • Season pass holders moving more than 150 miles from The Summit for employment or being deployed for military service will be considered for a reimbursement of their season passes.

    Proof of relocation is required and needs to show a new address or employment offer. Military orders are required for proof of deployment. Families must show that each member is moving away.

    Temporary relocation or travel do not qualify for rollovers.


Rollover Credit Amounts

The rollover credit amounts for used season passes are reduced at a rate of $75 per day used or by the date of request and ranges below, whichever is greater. Rollover credit amounts for unused season passes are determined by the date of request and ranges below.

    • Up To 100% Back
    • Up To 75% Back
    • JAN. 1 THROUGH JAN. 31
    • Up To 50% Back
    • FEB. 1 THROUGH FEB. 29
    • Up To 25% Back
    • MAR. 1 THROUGH MAR. 31

REQUEST DEADLINE: Rollover Requests Are Not Accepted After March 31st


Important Information

  • Requests made prior to December 15th, 2023, are automatically granted (for unused Season Passes only) based on our Worry-Free Winter Assurance program.
  • Rollovers requested after Dec. 15th, 2023, are not guaranteed and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Rollover requests are final. Once a request is submitted, the season pass will not be reinstated for the current season and no other pass or ticket product can be purchased or used for the season.
  • Credits can only be used toward the purchase of a season pass for the following season.
    • Rollovers and reimbursements are not offered to discounted season passes including but not limited to RAP Passes, Volunteer Passes, Instructor Passes, Complimentary Passes, or Donation Passes.
    • Passes will not be transferred to another person within the same season. However, the rollover credit is transferable if the original passholder is unable to use their credit.

How To Request A Rollover

Please submit your written request via the form linked below. Once submitted, your request will be reviewed and either accepted or denied. Please allow up to four weeks for a response to your request. All accepted rollover requests will be processed by April 1, 2023.

Submit one rollover request form per passholder.

Rollover Requests Must Be Submitted Online