Pass Sale Coming Soon!

Unlimited Black and Spring Fling Pass sales are expected to go live Thursday.  Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience while we sorted out the bugs.


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Home Season Passes
Home Season Passes

Season Passes


Skip the ticket window and head straight to the lift. Summit passes are an unbeatable value, providing access all season long and the freedom to hit the slopes whenever you want. We're so close it's easy to get your money's worth!

Pass Sale Postponed

Sorry folks, our pass sale has been postponed at least one day. We will provide an update on Tuesday (2/23) regarding launch timing for Unlimited Black and Spring Fling pass sales.

2020-21 PASSES

Choose The Right Season Pass For You

    • SPRING 2021 & WINTER 2021-22

      Unlimited Black

      • Unlimited access to all Summit areas
      • Valid March 1 thru the rest of this season & the entire 2021-22 season
      • Boyne Benefits (3 free days at any Boyne Resort)
      • 3 friends & family lift ticket discounts at 50% off
      • 20% off food (restrictions apply)
      • $15 Discounted Snow Tubing sessions
      • Unlimited Nordic trail use
    • SPRING - 2021

      Spring Fling Pass

      Ages 7-69
      • ON SALE SOON!
      • Direct-to-lift access at all lifts
      • Valid March 8 to the end of 2020-21 season
      • Alpental Blackouts: Saturdays-Sundays thru 3/21
      • $199 (If purchased between February 22nd-March 12th)
      • $129 (If purchased between March 23rd-April 2nd) 

Season Pass Purchase FAQ's

  • The system will provide awaiting room for those that try to enter the store early. If you end up in the waiting room you will be randomly assigned a place in line at 10am to enter the store. Once in the main queue, you will not lose your place in line if you close your browser or if your phone goes into sleep mode. If you return to the store prior to your turn to enter, you will get back to your same position in line. (will not work if you clear your cache or browse in incognito mode). Please note that you may have a limited amount of time to access the website once it is your turn. If you enter your email in the queue system you can close your browser and the system will send you an email once it’s your turn to enter the store.

    Important: Please keep in mind that queue notification emails may be delayed, moved to your spam folder, or lost due to reasons beyond our control. We cannot guarantee the timely arrival of this email, or your reminder email, to your Inbox. Therefore, we recommend that you check your status in line frequently to avoid losing your chance to enter the store.

  • Missing your turn means your session has expired and you need to start over in the queue. When it is your turn, you have a limited amount of time (10 minutes) to access using the link provided in your email.

  • Each and every person who enters the queue is assigned a random queue number. Randomizing guests prior to entering the queue ensures online fairness 

  • You will not lose your place in line if you close your browser or if your phone is in sleep mode. If you get back before your turn, you will get back to your position. However, please note that you have a limited amount of time to access the website once it is your turn.

  • When you have been through the queue you will arrive at the website you want to accesscookie will be stored in your browser to verify that you actually have been redirected via the queue. This is a security measure to prevent fraud and queue bypassing.  

    In order to prevent ending up in the queue over and over again, you have to make sure that your browser accepts cookies from the website you want to access.

  • When it is your turn, you will automatically be redirected to the website, you wanted to visit or you can click on the link provided in the Queue-it email system. Remember, you must access the link or website within 10 minutes of your access approval. You do NOT have a time limit while in the store, if you do exit the store you will loose your place. 

  • Remedy pass is valid all non-holiday midweek days & nights, plus early and late season weekends. Access includes Alpental.

20-21 Season Pass Deferral Information
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