WHO ARE OUR AMBASSADORS? Our team of ambassadors are the friendly faces at The Summit in black jackets. Whether you need help finding your way around or just have a quick question, this team will help you find what you need. Ambassadors are stationed at all base areas during our peak operating hours. Next time you visit The Summit be sure to say hello to these great characters.

  • 1. Most important, you must have a friendly, outgoing personality and enjoy working with the general public.

    2.  Courteous and thoughtful and responsible.

    3. Observant of what is going on in the whole area, not just one spot, so you can be flexible and move to areas of "need" when the necessity arises.

    4. Well-groomed. AOS uniform should be worn only on volunteer days. Uniforms should not be worn in the bars or outside The Summit ski area.

    5.  Real interest in promoting the area.

    6.  Any age over 18 years, meeting all other requirements, and the availability of a uniform that fits your size.

    7. You must be willing to commit the time to learn about The Summit at Snoqualmie operations and policies.

    8. The AOS organization must adhere to The Summit at Snoqualmie policies regarding grooming, dress code, and rules about alcohol and drug consumption.

    9. If accepted to hold a position as an Ambassador, you agree to adhere to the Rules of Conduct set out in the Agreement with the AOS organization.

    10. You must be willing to serve the area at least one full day (approximately 8 hours) every other week for at least 9 weeks, and in addition, serve the area 3 full days during Christmas vacation and/or Monday holidays, for a minimum of 88 hours of service. We are looking for people who can consistently commit to working most weekends throughout the winter season.

    11. Be willing and able to volunteer for outdoor work where weather conditions and environments vary from cold and wet to warm and sunny.

  • CLICK HERE to open The Summit Volunteer Ambassador Release and Information form.

    Please email to once completed. 

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