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APRIL 24, 2022 | 5:00PM

Closing Weekend 2022

GET READY FOR ONE MORE WEEKEND! First and foremost, thanks for spending the season with us at The Summit! It's been an amazing season of over 115 days so far... and you have three more left to enjoy! We’re excited to share that Alpental will be open for one more extended weekend of spring skiing – this Friday-Sunday! Plus, we plan to have Summit Central open Saturday and Sunday (conditions permitting). This is the first year in decades that we’ve planned to keep Summit Central open as long as Alpental and we’re stoked to provide more lifts and terrain on closing weekend thanks to our dedicated Summit team and all the snow that fell this April. Sunday, May 1, will be Passholder Appreciation Day – for Summit passholders only. Scroll down for access details and more information about closing weekend.

By opening Summit Central in addition to Alpental we can provide more lift and trail options, better distribute skiers/riders, and have Central Park open through the very end of the season for the first time ever! We expect cover to be thin at Summit Central, but at this point in time it looks like we can make it happen. If conditions do not allow us to open Summit Central, we'll let everyone know in advance.


Friday - Alpental Only

  • passholders
    All Summit Passholders
  • check
    Ikon Passholders
  • check
    Lift Tickets Available

Friday we plan to run a bonus day at Alpental with the following lifts open to all guests 9am-4pm. Alpental is open to LTD passholders on Friday as well, so take advantage!

  • Armstrong Express
  • Edelweiss
  • Saint Bernard
Friday Lift Ticket & Ikon Reservation Inventories Are Limited

Saturday - Alpental & Summit Central

  • location
    Summit Central 9am-5pm
  • location
    Alpental 9am-4pm
  • location
    Summit passholders, Ikon passholders, & Tickets available

Saturday we will have Alpental open and also plan to operate Summit Central conditions permitting.

  • Summit Central - Open to all Summit Passholders, Ikon Passholders, and ticket purchasers
    • Central Express, Triple 60, & Holiday
  • Alpental - Open to Summit Passholders (excluding LTD), Ikon Passholders, and ticket purchasers
    • Armstrong Express, Edelweiss, & Saint Bernard (Sessel - TBD)

Sunday - Alpental & Summit Central, Passholders Only

  • location
    Alpental 9am-4pm
  • location
    Summit Central 9am-5pm
  • thumbs up
    2021-22 Summit Passholders
  • thumbs up
    2022 Spring-Fling Passholders

Last Call for the 2022 season is also Summit passholder appreciation day - it's a special day for this season's passholders. We plan to have Alpental & Summit Central (conditions permitting) open Sunday May 1.

No access or availability: Alpental & Summit Central are not open to Ikon Passholders and tickets will not be available.

LTD Passholders: Summit Central only.

Unlimited Passholder Buddy Tickets: If you have an Unlimited Pass and have buddy ticket discounts remaining, you may bring a buddy and use your ticket discount at the ticket window.

Planned Lifts For Sunday:

  • Summit Central - Central Express, Triple 60, & Holiday
  • Alpental - Armstrong Express, Edelweiss, & Saint Bernard (Sessel - TBD)

Tunes For Passholder Appreciation Day


  • Ticket vouchers and rainchecks cannot be used Sunday (May 1), but can be used Friday or Saturday

  • Alpental access will be on a first-come, first-serve basis and the area may fill up. If it's full when you arrive, please turn around and head to Summit Central. No spot saving, and once we decide Alpental is full, we will not let any more cars up the road.

  • We have a busy summer ahead! Our teams need a well deserved break before they shift their efforts and focus toward many large improvement projects and start preparing for a summer operations like scenic chairlift rides and mountain biking (opening mid-summer).