DECEMBER 2, 2020 | 8:45PM

A Message To Our Valued Guests

Regrettably, and to our immense disappointment, once again the ecommerce platform provided by Accesso had significant issues this morning when season pass sales relaunched. Several problems with the store occurred. Not only was the store unable to cope with the restricted volume that the queueing system was put in place to provide, but some users were able to bypass the queue altogether. That unexpected access further compounded the issues and caused an extremely long pause in the queue... not allowing entry to the store for patient guests that followed the guidelines.


While the nature of limiting pass sales inevitably means not everyone that wants a pass is going to be able to purchase one, we acknowledge that users bypassing the queue and issues once in the store itself made this scenario much worse.


Just like you, we're very upset that guests were able to bypass the queue as we wanted the process to be fair – it was not. Please trust in that we want everyone to be able to get a pass this winter, especially our returning passholders, but for the health and safety of our staff and guests and to help comply with the state guidelines it's essential we control pass sales and visitation. Unfortunately, due to those visitation constraints associated with COVID-19 this winter and the inability to turn passes on and off via a reservation system, we cannot simply sell more passes with peak weekend access and we now anticipate selling out of the Remedy Pass as well.


Coming from many years of successful pass sales on our previous platform, this has been very frustrating for our team as well. Our goal is to continually progress, not fall back and disappoint valued guests.


We will continue to evaluate capacity, pass sales opportunities, and other product options as we get into winter. We want to provide as much access as we safely can for our guests. This will be a continued focus for us and our selling partners.


Again, we are truly sorry about the frustrations and outcome experienced by so many.

A Message From accesso - Ecommerce Provider


As a committed eCommerce partner of The Summit at Snoqualmie, our team at accesso deeply regrets the challenges the ski area’s valued guests have experienced with purchases through the online store.


Issues related to the sale of season passes during a time of incredibly high demand and limited availability caused unacceptable delays during our on-sales on Friday, Nov. 27 and Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2020. Our team is working around the clock to resolve the issues for The Summit and their guests for future sales. Additionally, we regret that problems with the queue created excessive wait times and unfortunate and unfair scenarios, where certain guests were able to purchase passes while others were not.


We apologize for the inconvenience and frustration these difficulties caused both The Summit at Snoqualmie’s guests and the dedicated team that has built a trusted relationship with those guests over so many years. We understand that these difficulties have created a situation in which The Summit may be unable to provide a solution to many of their valued guests due to limited availability associated with restrictions in a COVID-19 season.


We look forward to supporting The Summit at Snoqualmie as its team prepares to welcome you back to the slopes safely.