SEPTEMBER 30, 2019

Holiday Quad Project Update

The Dopplemayr crew and our team have hit full stride!

Lift towers have been bolted down, bottom and top terminals have been installed, the top lift house is in, and the bottom lift house is under construction. Our new quad chair is really starting to take shape.

The construction crew started installing the haul rope today and will continue working on assembling more steel components, as well as installing control and communications components. Later this month we'll see chairs hanging from the haul rope!

Overall, we're excited to say the Holiday Quad project is right on track to be completed later this fall and ready for beginner skiers and snowboarders to take their first laps on Summit Central's opening day!

Curious About Our Opening Date? Read The FAQ

New Quad Chairlift At A Glance

  • 2.4x
  • 1,380'
    Chairlift Length
  • 260'
    Vertical Rise
  • 450 ft/min

The new Dopplemayr quad can transport up to 2,400 skiers per hour up the mountain. Not only does each chair hold two additional riders, thanks to the efficient loading conveyor system, it can also operate at a higher speed than the old chairlift.

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